Monday, 21 January 2019

Red moon for blue Monday

Apparently today is called "blue Monday" when we all feel miserable as the holiday feel good wears off, the weather is cold, we've already broken our resolutions and a whole year of work stretches ahead. Actually it is rather a sunny morning here at Mas del Sol, the horses are still behind the fences, the new dog greeted us full of beans and health worries are for last year.
Having woken at just before 8am we saw the last of the "super wolf moon", just setting in the west with a distinct tinge of red about it (though that is likely to have been just the normal redness we see every time the sun sets in the west - the earth's atmosphere distorts the light).
EU citizens can today apply for settled status in the UK for £65, though nothing has been reported about how complicated it may be. UK residents here in France have been applying for cartes de sejour (free) and citizenship to allow them to remain here legally in the event of Brexit.
Even on a lovely morning the prospect of months of Brexit wrangling is enough to make it a blue Monday.