Thursday, 5 July 2018

Toulouse Swedish footballer abused

Photo Maximilian Haupt/MaxPPP
Jimmy Durmaz is a midfield footballer who plays for TFC (Toulouse Football Club) and represents Sweden, who will meet England on Saturday in the World Cup. He is of Turkish origin but born in Sweden. He committed a foul which led to Germany scoring a last minute winner against Sweden in the pool matches. This has resulted in a torrent of racial abuse on the internet, as if his racial origin had caused the team's defeat. This is not the first time Durmaz has been abused by the racists, as he visited refugee camps in Greece when he played there.
The Swedish team has rallied round, emphasising that they are all Swedish and that racism has no place in sport.
Other people in public life are subject to horrible racist abuse whenever they do or say anything that the racists do not agree with, regardless of the context. Abhorrent language, physical threats, blatant lies are all part of the keyboard racists armoury. Jimmy Durmaz and his team mates in the Swedish team take a united stand against these morons, and more power to them (except on Saturday at 4pm).
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