Monday, 2 July 2018

Poor Molly, please help if you can.

Hi Val...Sadly  Molly has been  returned to the care of Kathi in St Antonin.     Apparently the gentlemen who offered a home after John died and who knew  Molly very well,  were unable to keep her from escaping and looking for John. On one of her unsupervised  escapades she encountered and killed a instead of perhaps redoubling the supervision -  she was  once again return to Kathi - where she has been for several days and  has only just started eating again, we think she was pining for her  John.   
     I spoke to Kathi this evening and she cannot  keep Molly as she already  has 13 rescued dogs to which she is devoted - including Mario the dog that was beaten almost to death with iron-bars  recently and  who has made an extraordinarily brave  but not complete recovery.
    Kathi's  devotion is boundless and she would keep her if it was workable - but she can't.   She has asked me  once again  to try to find Molly a home where she will be properly supervised,  understood and appreciated. While under John's care Molly was well-behaved and a good companion - he didn't have much space at home  but he walked her by the river  and spent time playing with her - so it isn't really a case of trying to find a 'fenced in' home - she just needs a normal home with attention, care and training  as all  dogs do....rescued or otherwise.
    My mobile number is 06 84 15 52 11  so,  if anyone can take on a  young dog that so far had had a very sad life - and make it a life with a secure and loving future I am sure they will be repaid in spades with the same pleasure she gave John.    
     I believe you already have photos of her - I haven't any... 
 Please   text me if anyone  can help. Many thanks - I will keep  my fingers crossed -  Andrea White   
Molly is the dog at the top of the picture