Friday, 6 July 2018

Tarn firm condemned for fraud

We are all used to those phone calls telling us that there are government schemes (supported by our mairies) to help with insulation as part of plans to reduce global warming. Generally these marketing methods are to be avoided, but as such schemes do exist and may be worth following up. But the firm responsible for paying the subventions (usually around 1000  euros) refused to reimburse some hundreds of claimants because the firm carrying out the loft insulation was guilty of over-charging, falsifying documentation and email addresses. Ecogroupage carried out the work and the courts found that the Paris company Vos Travaux Eco was justified in withholding the payments as the Tarn contractor had acted fraudulently.
Most reputable firms know what is available and if you need improvements it may be best to approach local firms, especially with recommendations.
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