Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Is suntan lotion effective?

With this hot sunny weather many of us are coating ourselves with protective sun screens. A recent report by London scientists suggests that they are not as effective as we think - and it's mainly our fault. Apparently we fail to apply the lotions and creams as thickly or widely as needed to protect our skin. Also at least Factor 30 should be used as factor 15, commonly popular, will not be strong enough in many cases.
We tend to think that "water-proof" products will keep us going when dipping in and out of the pool, but most of it will be rubbed off when towelling dry, so a fresh application should be needed.
Dermatologists advise applying the product 20/30 minutes before you go out and re-apply every two hours. About half a teaspoonful should protect face, ears and neck, and for full adult body protection about 7 teaspoons full will be needed. And wear a hat.
Your correspondent's dermatologue warned that my ears were "abimés" due to exposure to the sun and cases of skin cancer can be very serious - and a rendezvous with a dermatologist in France can take 4 months or more.
Enjoy the sun, but with moderation.
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