Monday, 2 July 2018

A guide book to St. Antonin in English

Hi Val,

Great to meet you and I would love to take up your suggestion. 

A Guidebook to Saint Antonin within the walls is being produced by Nick Coulson, a retired architect living in Saint Antonin, in association with the Society of Friends of Old Saint Antonin (SAVSA). It consists of a concise history of the town, 3 guided walks with notes on the buildings and interesting sites. It concludes with descriptions of the main features of the town and a brief building chronology and glossary.


There is a wealth of information published in French about the history of the town and its buildings, but almost nothing in English. The guidebook will change that, making the history of the town easily available, told through the buildings that remain. It will include photos and plans.  


The guidebook will run to about 96 pages A5 size and cost about € 8.50. SAVSA want to find out how much interest there might be in an English language guidebook so that they can decide how many to print. If you are interested please email

If you have any thoughts about what might be added to the guide or have information that you think might be useful please email him

Thank you,

Nick Coulson

06 52 49 04 43