Thursday, 19 July 2018

Albi sur mer

Inhabitants of homes near to the Verrerie Ouvriere d'Albi, a factory making glass bottles, have started to think they are at the seaside when opening their windows each morning, as a flock of about 600 seagulls have installed themselves on the factory roof.
Probably originally migrating birds, a flock of about 1000 individuals seems to be permanently installed in the Tarn. They used to spend the night at the many lakes in Aveyron and Tarn, coming to the towns to feed on the dechetteries. The birds are becoming a nuisance to the factory, with the roof covered in droppings and feathers - the smell and risks to a food containing product causing concern.
Cleaning up was difficult as the birds are quite agressive so a programme of firing off rockets twice a day was started and so far seems to be working as the birds move off to different quarters.
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