Sunday, 1 July 2018

A breath of fresh air for cancer sufferers

An association "Soum de Toy" is arranging week long breaks in the beautiful Toy area of the Pyrenees for women in remission from breast cancer. Recognising that chemotherapy and other treatments, including surgery, can have a devastating impact on private and professional life, the group offers the healing virtues of rest and beauty.
The holidays offer varied medical and esthetique treatments as well as numerous sporting activities. All are overseen by professionals and experts so that a tailor-made experience is there for every participant. The main aim is to allow women to meet others in their position, to regain self-confidence and allow the wonderful mountain countryside to work its magic.
We don't suppose the santé will subsidise the "treatment" as with "cures" in spa resorts - but who knows.
the link takes you to the association's web site. 
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