Friday, 23 June 2017

nous sommes le vendredi vingt trois juin

Dear Val & Malcom, 
Please post. 
We have a plot of land in Milhars which is about in acre in size and which is securely fenced and easily accessible from the road.  Due to aging bones the upkeep is difficult for me and this is an appeal for help.  Just over  half is hay –still standing, and the rest mixed woodland. There are 3 pine trees cut down 2 years  ago and ready to burn or to make into rustic furniture etc.  There could be others as the pines were planted as sacrificial  companions for the oak and other broad leaves which no longer need their shelter. Is there anyone reading this  who would like to take the wood and  the hay and /or put a couple sheep in this field until the end of the summer? There is shade and if you can provide a suitable drinking vessel I will keep it full of water.  I am open to good ideas and polite suggestions. 
Love, Sally.