Tuesday, 13 June 2017

All French and Africans

So Traditional Occitane dancing cannot be to the taste for most of us British.
Sunday evening, a warm night and the centre of St. Antonin rang out to the foot tapping occitane tunes. We could see or hear no English voices and this was just like the bal at Caylus the previous month.
It may not be to our taste but to our young refugees they love it, Africans particularly love to danse.
I have to say as integration goes they are much better at it than all of us from the UK.
Learning French, joining groups, one young man playing in all the boule competitions and winning a few " sous"
I look at them sometimes knowing many of their sorrows and wonder at their resilience.
They ALL will be far more integrated than many of us here who stick to their groups of English speakers, far before we will be... but then before long they will have the right to be here and many of us will not have those same rights.
What prats many of us are