Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hearing the news from home, which is France

We get reports from friends about our animals who are all behaving well. Yesterday we hear there was a storm in the evening with needed rain. Before that happened we had a delivery of two donkeys, the boys who join us for the summer months had arrived. We then got a message to say the battery was dead to the electric fence. Fortunately we could tell the friends/ housesitters where the spare battery was.
As well as partying here it was good to receive photos of our guys partying for the end of Ramadan there in France.
We did some shopping yesterday and noticed a considerable rise in prices since our last visit when we felt the UK was cheaper than France in many areas. I suppose we are also affected by the drop in the value of the pound against the euro and our euros are just not going as far.
Our lives as so entwined between the two countries, Brexit is such a madness for many of us.( all of us Malc says)