Saturday, 24 June 2017

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- the Parisot literary festival
20, 21 & 22 October 2017
"Powerful, pleasing and pleasurable"

Swimming Lessons

Claire Fuller

Claire Fuller enjoyed both critical acclaim and commercial success with her debut novel, Our Endless Numbered Days in 2015.  It won the Desmond Elliott Prize, was a finalist in the American Booksellers Association Indies Best Books Awards and has been published in 13 countries.

She joins us at Festilitt to talk about her second novel, Swimming Lessons, published earlier this year and described by The Sunday Times as “thrilling, transporting, delicately realised and held together by a sophisticated sense of suspense” and as “powerful, pleasing and pleasurable”. 

The novel tells the story of Ingrid Coleman, who writes letters to her husband Gil about the truth of their marriage and then hides them in his books, before disappearing from a beach. Twelve years later the couple’s adult daughters return home when Gil says he has seen Ingrid through a bookshop window. It is a tense and suspenseful novel, through which Claire, in the words of The Observer, “confirms herself as a writer of emotional depth, technical skill and sensitive plotting.”
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