Monday, 5 June 2017

A walk in the wild

Actually, just a walk along a country lane, but a contrast in fields: most well maintained with either cattle or crops (even if just hay). But one field has been neglected for years now and is gradually reverting to a wilderness of brambles and nettles. Such a pity as it is a prime orchid location and has outcrops of lavender and a couple of fruit trees from an earlier time. As the farmer has put some cows in there now perhaps it will be reclaimed from nature (odd that we should think that - perhaps it is a valuable habitat).
looks flowery, but they are nettles and brambles.
Walking further the hedgerows are now full of summer flowers, the orchids and cowslips of spring gone. Side by side now are honeysuckle and wild sweet peas, and lizard orchids, those oddly fascinating final examples of the wild orchids.

And although there are poppies everywhere, we liked this lone specimen in a field of
wheat (?)
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