Friday, 23 June 2017

Moving to France and needing help

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Hi Val & Malcolm,

Sorry to bother you but we need help! We have a house near Penne. We bought it as a second home in October 2015. However, because we love it here so much, adore the natural beauty and the people, we have spent more time in France than we expected. We now want to make Penne our principal home. This has become very much more pressing since the announcement yesterday by the UK government regarding the rights of EU citizens in the UK and vice versa. We are very fed up with the politics in the UK, and we love it here! We are looking for advice about how to go about this: tax, health insurance etc. The most difficult issue is probably income tax - as you know, the tax years in France and the UK are different , and the rules are very different. Our tax is not particularly complicated, but does involve investments, both taxed and tax-free, property, etc. and I think we need advice from someone who understands French taxation, or better still the tax position of people who want to move to France from the UK. Obviously, they need to speak both languages and we would want them to act as an agent on our behalf and we would of course expect there would be a fee! Better still if they understood wider issues about health insurance etc. Unfortunately, we do not know even where to begin. I tried Credit Agricole and they were completely and utterly hopeless! Do you know anyone who could provide us with the advice we need? Both of us are retired but have yet to reach 65 - though I am only a few weeks away from that landmark - becoming officially an old buffer!

With all best wishes,
Peter & Harriet
Val Says     the man to ask is Chris Robinson

Hello Val and Malc
Hope you're havong a wonderful time with your family.

As regards Harriet and Peter's post about taxes, administration...etc, I hope you won't mind posting this message:
 -  my sister-in-law Sophie Curato - O'Neill is a pledged interpret, having  connections with notarial, bank plus insurance actors. At present she's in charge of several UK residents, be it permanent residents in France or partially.

She's registered  on the site " Compagnie des experts Toulouse"
She's French  and fluent in  English and Spanish
Living in Montauban.
Here  are her directions :
Sophie O'Neill-Curato

best regards