Thursday, 29 June 2017

Nous sommes le jeudi vingt neuf juin

Hello Val and Malcolm,

I will be at the evening meal planned for Friday 30th and perhaps will see you there.  but before then, I attach a poster for publication on Taglines if you think it is appropriate.

I am debuting my new business, Estabuffette which is a food truck, trading out of a converted1980's Estafette. Being a Canadian with British citizenship, living in France and serving authentic Mexican food is a bit of a mouthful but after 6 long months of getting all the paperwork and permissions in order, I am ready to start! All very exciting! Part of what I want to do is contribute to the community in which I live in Verfeil and provide something a bit different for a sit down meal or a takeaway.  Profit made on the 16th July will include a 10% donation to the refugee fund. So I hope that is ok.

I also have permission to trade in the Place Courte Boule thereafter on Tuesday's and Wednesdays until the end of this year. Updates on other locations will be on my Facebook page as they become confirmed.  

If you want any further information, just let me know.  I look forward to seeing you and Malcolm on Friday.

all the best,
Joanne Schofield
Val says  I will attach the poster when we are home tonight. on the boat with intermittant WIFI
The meal on the 30 th is with refugees at Verfeil, if you want to come let me know