Monday, 16 April 2018

Spring has arrived at last

We were begining  to think it had been cancelled but in the last couple of days the sun and spring have at last arrived.
I am working on the house and grounds getting ready for visits from immobiliers. So beautiful working here in the gardens 
of both houses, but what a lot there is to do.
Kestrels are still making visits but we are unsure if they have chosen us or are down the road in an empty farm building.
The donkeys are suppose to leave Tuesday for their new home near the Pyrenees but I say that tentatively after one experience where they planted their hooves firmly on the grass and said we are staying here!
We are looking at houses we could possibly move to in a village and Malc is well enough to come. ( I loved it one day when he said “ I am bored”)
He is defintely improving after just two chemotherapy treatments and the third coming up in a weeks time.
Our new car (new to us) should arrive at the end of the week. So lots happening in our lives. 
Tag is suffering I admit as I struggle to keep on top of everything, when do you fit in shopping, dog walks, etc ?
 Someone mentioned they thought I was losing interest,.....! 
Losing time is the problem dear.
If any one wants to send pieces of interest please do, it all helps.