Thursday, 19 April 2018

Anybody got contact details

Hi Val

We just heard from our near-neighbours, Bob and Anne, that our friend Jim has had a stroke and is in hospital in Holland. I have an email address for Jim and a mobile number for both but the phone number is unreliable and I don't know if Hettie reads Jim's emails.  I wondered if any of the Dutch community had been in correspondence with them and whether Taglines might help?

We are fine, grapes are in and wine made (300 litres this year!), Derek has been performing regularly with his little jazz band, as well as helping with the Ukulele Group (over 80 participants most Thursday mornings!!!) and Sue is making hats as fast as she can for the Caussade hat festival, where she is taking a stall this year. We'll be back in Varen before the end of May!

Best wishes to Malcolm, we've both been there and we are still here to tell the tale! I hope (expect) you have had plenty of support and any upside to the experience is that you really do meet some extraordinary caring people and appreciate the care and love of your friendship group!

Kind regards

Derek Maxted - and Sue