Saturday, 21 April 2018

Giving away/ going, going, gone

Hi Val.

I am giving away a Technics, digital processor, keyboard/organ. PCM EX25. It’s around 15 years old and was one of the first digital processed sound instruments available to buy. Quite expensive in it’s day.

It’s in excellent condition and the only issues are the battery that keeps the memory settings has died, and the foot pedal needs too be used or it rests to the floor and comes on very loud.

It doesn’t come with a stool.

I have replaced and rather than just throw away a perfectly good keyboard, that someone might get some enjoyment and pleasure from, I would sooner see it go to a good home.

It is quite large but fortunately I have a Fiat Ducato van and for the cost of the fuel and a cup of coffee, will deliver.