Saturday, 21 April 2018

Fun in the sun at the Varen frip

You all know what a good day we had at the friperie, you were all there.
I knew as the weather improved and the volets opened in the village we would be busy. 
Mainly French people today who have family homes and live in Paris or Marseille or one who spends 4 months in Cameroon where he has a house. Varen is a holiday village and the French retain their family homes, 
Today I spoke to the son of a French couple we have known for 15 years who has now come back to the village of his youth and retired.
Varen pulls at the heart strings of many. I was particulary pleased as this man wants to join us and come and help.
Everyone loves the idea of what we are doing ... helping all.
We did have one annoying man who when we said the shirts ( some really good shirts in at the moment) were 2 euros, he said “ how about one euro”
I explained we were a charity and working to help others in need so lets not quibble.  He then found a  pair of immaculate shoes, once again 2 euros, once again he said do them for one!! When I told Malc he said why not give him one shoe and say OK which do you want the left or right! I will remember that one.
Seriously things are so cheap because we want to have bargains, all part of the ethos of what we are doing... some people seem to think it has to be done.. bargain, but come on we say a price and you want it or not.
To be fair in all the customers he was the only annoying one.
Just had a note from the treasurer to tells us we have taken an amazing amount, yipee!
I think the summer with the friperie and the market are going to be make Varen GREAT... and it is all down to YOU
Sold today, patchwork quilt, games, crockery, pots, bedding, towels, glasses, handbags, purses, pictures, dresses, shorts, toys,
Boxing gloves, dart board, climbing ladder, beautiful apero dishes, new shirts, new baby clothes, new ladies outfits, pictures, picture frames  amongst things still to sell, 
Ps no English books needed - just not got the space.