Saturday, 28 April 2018

Helping, well it is not easy.

You might laugh at this, laughing is good for you.
Friend Sarah and I worked at the friperie in Varen today, we had a good day and got loads of good donations. we are happy about this but donations need unpacking and two working is just not enough.
As we finished and thanks to Sylvie Milles and Marcia Scott for helping us pack away, I went to give a donation to someone in need.
The elderly lady has a huge dog, the biggest I have ever seen, I think a Pyrenean mountain dog very overweight on entering the garden it flew at me for a cuddle and knocked me for six ( actually maybe for 12) The lady tried to help me up but I felt quite sick and faint with a bloody finger and bruised arm and leg I asked her to leave me a minute, but she said I must get up. As the dog jumped on me ready to fornicate I realised why.
She managed to pull it off and I escaped beyond the gate and with shaking hand passed over the donation.
Sometimes helping is not easy... but now with injuries sorted with all the necessary betadine and creams I can see the funny side.
I am desirable but only to randy huge dogs... and Malc of course.