Wednesday, 25 April 2018

New hands to help, new place for storing

D day is the beginning of June
The first Monday in June for the book swap is the 4th
On this date at the end of the book swap at St. Antonin I will as always sort the books that will be coming back the following month and I will dispose of those not coming back.
In the last year the books have been stored at a chambre d’hote down the road from the Gazpacho ( thank you Paul and Mark)
but as they leave in June we need to find another alternative.
As I no longer have Malc being able to help me lift the bags of books and also as our house is up for sale we no longer want to be overflowing with bags.
So we need an alternative from June.
Any ideas anyone?
If no one comes forward to stock them each month the best idea I can come forward with is we all take a bag of books home with us till next time ( if we want them or not)
It also means we will have to be more discriminating about what we take to swap. 
No hardbacks, no clearing your shelves, no faded, worn or dirty jackets.
I await your ideas and input.
Ps we still have May’s swap coming up to talk about it on the day