Saturday, 11 November 2017

Glass of Madeira, mais dear!

In a nice publicity stunt a Toulouse bar is offering a bottle of Madeira wine for 100000 euros, or 45000 euros if you drink it on site. It works out at 7000 euros a glass. Why so dear? Because the bottle dates from 1675 and was part of a cargo sunk off the coast of Holland in 1735. So already well aged by that time it remained on the sea bed until 1982, adding another 150 years to its longevity.
Madeira wine is a sweet, fortified variety with well known ability to stay drinkable for many years. About a dozen bottles of the 1675 vintage were recovered from the wreck and are preserved now in a maritime museum. One of the salvage crew claims to have tasted the wine which had a buttery, caramel taste and perfectly drinkable.
The 1675 Madeira
Should you wish to taste it for yourself it is on sale at No 5 winebar in Toulouse.
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