Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Thanks to Hans of VIDEPC

Thanks to Hans of Videpc in St Antonin, we managed to get our projector connected up to TV and DVD players at  the weekend and were able to "binge watch" the superb BBC production of "Les Miserables" on our cinema screen. The story is multi-layered, exposing the horrendous post revolution justice system; the squalor and poverty of the ordinary citoyens; contrasting the kindness and generosity of the religious characters with the grasping exploitation of the innkeepers; examining the "ancien regime" royalists faced with the new revolutionaries. The barricades ring loudly with the current unrest in France, where Macron is regarded by many as a royalist style dictator using state force to keep the poorer classes down.
Whatever your stance on this matter, the production was very well written, produced, designed and acted and I hope it comes to French TV soon.
And without the damned music of the stage version.