Monday, 11 February 2019

Help find the owner who must live near Figeac

They told me not to go in the pound... said it would be fatal... but did I listen? Did I?
And then, opening the gate to the pound, the low 'whooaaf' should have stopped me if I had any sense... but did I?
'Course I didn't... and now I am in love with a stunning dog ❤️ 
and I WANT him!!!

But... this boy is in super condition, and somebody must have fed him well and looked after him. I wouldn't be surprised if he has been to a groomer recently. Somebody has bought him a lovely leather collar, and has given him treats to reward him and show their love for him. 
So, somebody must be missing him and chances are that he must be missing them as well!!!
Will you please share to find his owner? He was found somehere near Figeac in the Lot (46)...
Contact is Helping Homeless hounds the Figeac refuge and San Barto is the personal contact