Thursday, 7 February 2019

One can never have too many books?

We have suddenly had an influx of new English speakers in Varen. Many of the more elderly have gone to pastures new or back to the UK.
But a steady stream of English language speakers from all over the world are choosing to make their lives in Varen.
For those I would like to tell you that the first Monday of every month there is a book swap  in St. Antonin at the Gazpacho.
The last two months I have not been able to spend the time driving to St. Ant and socialising there.
Which gave me the idea to start a smaller affair here in Varen and meet for coffee and book exchange the last Tuesday of every month.
I have checked at Axels bar and there would be no problem.
How in the past the book swap ran ( which I started 5 years ago) I ended up with a lot of work getting rid of excess books. So for the Varen swap I suggest you arrive with up to three books but you must then take three books away with you.
How about we try it the last Tuesday in February 26 th, meeting at 10. 30 in Axels bar.
It does not preclude one from going to the St. Antonin swap where you also have the option to stay and eat with a sympa group. The swap and booking the meal there is now organised by Helen Graham