Sunday, 24 June 2018

We are all “ In Limbo”

Dear Val and Malcolm,

Hope you are both doing well and that Malc is regaining some of his strength and you are not overdoing it. 

I am still reeling from the wonderful experience of the march yesterdqy. Police estimate 500.000 people. It just was a never ending stream of amazing people and children. Babes in arms, toddlers, teens, young people, middle aged people and an enormous amount of older and really old people, who all had a wish to #StopBrexit or at least have a People’s  Vote on it. A joyful and uplifting experience.

Getting home I found InLimboToo on my doorstep. This is the second book of Brexit testimonies collected and edited by Elena Remigi and her team and has just come out. This time it is filled with testimonies from UK citizens in Europe, i.e. the likes of you and Malc and most if our British friends in France. I cannot wait to read it,  but then thought, I should send it, as well as some leaflets about it, to you. You might be willing to display it at Mains Tendus on Saturday. I realize you may not have time to read these moving stories at the moment, but maybe one of your UK co-workers might want to browse it and order some copies on All I can promise you is that many of you won’t stay dry-eyed. 

Please let me know whether you would like me to send it tomorrow with the leaflets (two sided, one  side about the first book and the blue side about the second book, which is  mainly written by Brits or spouses and/or children of Brits in Europe.

Looking forward to your answer.



PS, there is also a crowd funder so that, as with the first book,  we can send a copy to politicians, lawyers, decision makers and some activists to show them the human side of Brexit and hopefully make them think.