Sunday, 10 June 2018

Cats to rehome

Val please could you post this on Tag 
It is with the heaviest heart I post this but........... tonight have found yet another of my cats killed on the road, I live in Cambou which has a 45 km speed limit, oh I so wish drivers adhered to this as they would be able to stop to allow a cat to cross the road. but they race through like bloody idiots !
 I have lost 3 cats in 3 years on this road and seriously dont want to loose anymore. so as I say with regret I need to try and re home my 2 babies
Billy who I found on this road as a tiny new born weighing 100grms with his eyes barely open , he has been hand reared by me and my dog Cyril who did the necessary re personal hygiene and allowed and still does allow him to suckle. He is delicious, possibly a touch of Siamese as he is cream with dark ears and tail, castrated and in fine form about 8 months 

Freddie Found in a friends garden , a lovely long haired white cat so very sweet and affectionate . Sadly he has a hearing impairment and gingivitis and a difficulty in gaining weight but Oh so delicious again about 8 months.

 I would like these  lovely boys to go to their new home together .
 as they are great mates 
Thank you 
Jo x