Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Sun and blue sky what a difference it makes

Ok so it has decided to be sunny today.
As I walked along our country road with the dogs the mist lifted even in the valleys and a blue blue sky emerged.
Nothing more cheering than sun and a blue sky.
I had a sleepless night last night as Malc who had gone back to Albi hospital for a small procedure and  had a very high temperature, which could have indicated more infection.
Anyway today his temperature  is down and they decided to go ahead with the chemo.
A walk in the sun in our beautiful place was just what I needed to restore .... well, my sanity.
A good later start after seeing a smiling Mayor who was presented with a box of chocolates from our association Mains Tendues 82
He had the courage to let us  use  the old mairie for the friperie and that was courageous as we are  not just raising money for the village but refugees as well.
The Mayors deputy stopped me to say he had a big TV to donate, we are winning hearts and minds I think

The road back, nothing in view but birds and orchids, our paradise.