Saturday, 28 March 2015

Freedom to stay at home doing the housework!!!

What sort of freedom is that. This makes me so furious, when you talk of discrimination this comes top of the list, sexual discrimination. Imagine if I was the PM and gave men the freedom to stay at home and do housework  and not have jobs, never mind well paid top jobs. How would that be received by men?
 This is from a man who is already an MEP for the National Front. Who but who could think these people of the FN would be able to shape our lives. I am going off spitting with rage.

WOMEN should have the ‘freedom to stay at home’ says a Front National (FN) MEP.

Speaking in a debate on how to improve workplace equality this week, an MEP from Haute-Savoie caused controversy by saying his colleagues were forgetting a vital idea – “freedom for women to take care of their home”. 

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