Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Two stories in one

In 2006 Ross and Ginny Jenkins who live at Puycelsi  started the first concert to raise money to restore the beautiful church, L'eglise de Ste. Corneille at Puycelsi. I am sure they would never have imagined that in 2012 they would still be organising a concert that has grown in size to selling tickets to 250 people and probably could have sold more . The story here is of dedication to a community. Along with the concert there was a raffle where Ginny donated a patchwork bedspread that took months to make.Well done and  our thanks to both for all that work and creating along with the musicians a memorable evening.
The weather played its part giving us a balmy night. Ross  and Ginny sold tickets and generally organised and Ross sported a kilt. One in our group thought his name sounded Welsh, though the kilt and his accent were rather  Scottish.  Another thought he was wearing it as he looked like the actor Simon Callow in 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' but it all added to the sense of occasion.
Second Story
The large choir was drawn from singers and choirs from around the area and we spotted many familiar faces.The Musical director was Mark Opstad and in an earlier post I have given a link to his website to show you all his very impressive credentials. Under his direction the Choir was superb. Nicholas O'Neill was the organist and once again I have given you a link to this talented young man's website in the earlier post.
Zena Baker soprano, Janet Emmelkamp contralto, who lives at Caylus,. Dongjin Ahn tenor, a member of the choir of the Theatre du Capitol at Toulouse and.Bruno Vincent bass also of the Theatre choir were the talented soloists. Listening to Mozart's Requiem in that most wonderful setting just made for a truly memorable evening. Our group were sorry that they ran out of programmes but that was the only tiny concern . For the rest thank you to everybody for all that work and dedication to give us such an evening.
Reply from Ross
Yes I am of Scots descent through my father's side. I found I came from the Gunn clan up in the North of Scotland and so adopted the ancient Gunn tartan for my kilt