Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Reply from Ginny Jenkins

Dear Tag-on-line
All Ross and I can say is WOW!
We have never had such a reaction to a concert and I guess Tag-on-line has never had so many comments so quickly on a single topic. Our own email boxes have been flooded with congratulations and to read the unexpected reviews and thanks in Tag- on-line has made us blush and really feel that all the hard work is indeed so worth while.
One of the main reasons our concerts have been so successful is the skilled and magical conducting of Mark Opstad. This time he spent much of the weekend telling us how he and his wife, Wero, love walking in the St Antoine area and how they would like to buy a small derelict house or grange to turn, in time, into their dream weekend escape. Currently they live in Toulouse which they loath but need to be there for their work
Their modest specification is:

·        A small house or grange preferably with at least 4 walls and a roof but they are prepared to live in an old caravan for several years while repairs happen.
·        Using the classic phrase, eau et electricity pre de, they would genuinely hope that it is not too far away and ideally it would be on site
·        Some terrain
·        Either planning permission or an expectation that it would be granted.
·        And finally no more than €25,000 !

If  you can help Mark please contact him direct on mark@markopstad.com
Ginny Jenkins