Friday, 28 September 2012

Whisky in the Jar at the Folk /Jazz Club

Why do I get so nervous ? I am not even entertaining. I think I was worried few people would turn up and we would be rattling round a hall and stage with out audience. Well I certainly did not need to worry as today 78 people are walking around  humming and singing whisky in the jar. The hall was full with 67 people paying 2 euros and 7 singers and  musicians and a few late entries. So around 78 people in all and the door take was 134 euros. Excellent news, as if we have a shortfall in Jan. and Feb. we will have money to cover it.
There were 7 entertainers, 5 who are now regulars Ian Alison, John Taylor, Trevor Carter and Charles and Anna Ketteringham. Charles controlled the evening and arranged the running order of the acts. Two new comers were Linda Hatfield who sang two Geordie numbers, the Keel Row and the Waters Of Tyne. The Keel Row had everyone singing along and the Waters of Tyne sang unaccompanied was superb. I knew she was OK when  Charles sitting next to me at that time nudged me and said  'she's got a voice' . After the interval Nigel Shamash sang 'Whisky in the Jar' and the  'Boxer 'and a third song which was equally super but cannot think what it was. Someone will remind me I am sure.
Anyway he was great and I will add a link later to a short clip of him singing. My thanks to all the musicians from me and the audience who were very complimentary on leaving. I think Charles and Anna have started something which is going to give us all lots of pleasure through out the year. For booking your slot at the next evening on Thurs. Nov 1st. contact
This is the link to the group Nigel plays with called Naijar