Friday, 7 September 2012

I don't believe it!

There are still TAG readers who have not realised with out any hassle you can add your four penneth [ for Dutch or French readers that means have your say] At the bottom of the post, there are boxes which seriously you can tick with out ill effect and tell me the post is interesting, or tell me more and even enjoyed. You do not have to sign in simply take the mouse and click and in a minute you have had your say. I have left out load of rubbish but if I got enough requests I would add that in. Three people today told me they had not noticed that !! and comments, well I wondered why some people have no trouble and others struggle. Malc has just explained [ he is allowed to do that] that if your are a follower it is easy to do and that is why the 28 followers can post a comment with out problem. For all you other hundreds you can keep emailing me your comments. Phew! so many posts today it has been a full time job and at least half have needed rewriting or needing to ask to send in different formats but hey! when Ann in New Zealand is happy, Betty has sold her table and chairs,  Jill has found a translator and Mozart is a sell out ,it is all worth while.