Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Nous sommes le mercredi treize septembre

Just found their nearly died story.
Clearing drawers we found these photos of Malc and Rogers trip to Italy. Friend Roger has an Lancia Aurelia and it needed repairs which he felt could only be done in Italy. Malc said he would have 4 days helping Roger on the promise of a meal at Lake Como when they arrived.
They went off in high spirits after loading the car onto a hired trailer. Malc had trust and faith that Roger " car collector" knew what he was doing!
When they got to Carcassone and the Aurelia had bounced off the front of the trailer not being properly secured, he began to have doubts.
When the car slewed to the side just outside a tunnel around  Genoa they knew they were in trouble. It took a large strong  Italian to load the car back for them and secure it.
All the way they were getting admiring waves and gestures!
I got a phone call after the tunnels with Malc saying " we are going to die!"
They did eventually arrive at Lake Como and Malc felt cheated as the restaurants were all closed and they ended up with a pizza.
The journey back was less taumatic with only the trailer.
When I met Roger his first words were " I thought we were goners, nearest moments to death I have been."
It reminded me of a dramatic version of " The Last of the summer wine"
Happy days, that was quite some years ago and Roger is 83 today
Happy birthday Roger