Tuesday, 12 September 2017

It wasn't fair!

Trying to get to Toulouse for a 9am appointment Malc was met with a huge traffic hold-up on the Toulouse rocade. An information panel on the A68 had said "Rocade 17 mins; Toulouse Nord 40 mins" - so 23 minutes from the A68 junction to the Nord peage did seem a long time, presaging the bouchon. It turns out that fairground operators had taken their huge lorries to the city and were driving slowly around the rocade.

This was part of a day of protests against the introduction of the new labour laws being brought in by the government and are a continuation of the same protests against the "El Khomri" law proposed by the previous government.
M Macron may be judged by his willingness to withstand these protests, unlike previous incumbents of the Elysee, both left and right (he claims his use of "faineants" - people who do nothing - referred to them and not lay-abouts in general).
To be fair, France Musique on the car radio was better for being just that; no chatter from the presenters. who may have been on strike or not.
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