Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Airbus to the rescue

Watchers of UK television will have noticed criticism of the British government's reaction to the victims of the hurricane in the Caribbean - or at least those victims wanting repatriation from their holidays.
The same criticism has been levelled at the French government with regard to its citizens in St Martin and St Bartelemy, some saying the Dutch government was quicker to help its citizens in the Antilles.
In addition to the many flights by all government air forces taking material and food an Airbus 350 has been lent to the Red Cross and takes off today with 150 cubic metres of food and supplies, including camp beds, tents and torches. The plane will repatriate 200 stranded holiday makers tonight. Those people will resume their lives, but the folk who live on those islands will need help and support for years to come. Thank goodness organisations such as the Red Cross exist to provide such help; a far cry from those in the UK calling for a cut in overseas aid.
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