Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Who can answer this?

Morning Val,
This is a bit complicated but stick with me !  A Dutch lady contacted Danielle about a poor little Bichon in a dreadful state at St. Antonin.  His owner has gone in to hospital – or may even have died I’m not sure – and the dog is on his own in the house with the Toutel (spelling) going in to feed the poor thing.  We are trying to get the dog to look after it but Danielle has lost the number/name of the Dutch lady.  Any ideas ?  I can come and collect the dog next week and get it groomed and look after it until Danielle comes back at the end of the month.
Any info would be gratefully received – perhaps a TAG reader might know something ?
Thanks Val,
Sue xx. poorpaws
Susan.glibbery @orange.fr

happy ending

Bonjour chère Val,

I am the Dutch lady!

We, my husband and i, have brought the poor dog this morning to Daniëlle.

He is now in good hands with Daniëlle and Susan!

Great respect for them! 

Best wishes