Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Nous sommes le mardi treize mars, I believe!!

Hold onto your hats
Malc who is off the critical list after having a large embolism now largely dispersed, is still in intensive care but today the Doctors are going ahead with his first chemo treatment, unless something untoward happens in the mean time.
We know he needs this to get better but it is all a bit scary... and that is for me, cannot imagine how Malc must feel.
Friends have rallied around and the dogs and donkeys are getting used to lots of different walkers and feeders.
Anke is picking up Eldo to take him to her place for “doggy play group” and tonight she delivered to me a three course meal.
We are now looking to rehome the donkeys, so hard for me but they need new fit owners and we always knew this time would come.
Spirits are still high and we have been laughing about it being “the dreaded bungalow” time.
Malc is getting amazing care and watched the France / England rugby match from his bed in intensive care, surrounded by young French nurses cheering on France. He describes it as a surreal moment!
Good luck Malc, lots of people in your corner cheering you on.