Thursday, 22 March 2018

All good news

Pleased to report Malc who is now fast asleep in bed was up to going out for lunch. As in the past Thursday lunch was always at the Seye et Vous at Verfeil.
I drove him to the door and he walked on the flat straight in.
Great meal and we met Rahim from Afghanistan who came to join us. He was so relieved to see Malc and then told us he had a 6 month gardening job, great news Rahim.
Besha from Sudan has been up in Paris having his interview for asylum and we all have fingers crossed for Besha.
Both Rahim and Besha are exceptionally good cooks and we look forward to them cooking for us again soon.

Sandy Simpson soon to be new owners of the donkeys has found a carrier. It is the day Malc goes early for his second chemo to Albi. I will be useless and tearful so we need a strong pair of hands to help the carrier hold the donkeys lead whilst he loads one and then the other.
The time is 9 am on Tuesday 3 rd of April.
Any offers?
The second request is there anyone who could go and check if the Gazpacho is open Easter Monday the 2nd as it should be the book swap and before organising I need to check it is open.
Malc is asleep and snoring and I may just join him.