Saturday, 24 March 2018

Not a lot of people know this !

Here we have friend and fellow bureau member Veronique holding up a poster of Einstein at our friperie in Varen.
Which brought  us to discuss that Stephen Hawking died on March 14.... and Einstein was born on March 14.Admittedly one in 1879 and the other in 2018.
A photo of our friperie brings me nicely round to telling you that next Friday we will be at the old mairie in Varen from 3 till 5 pm taking in donations.
if you have things that you think we can sell to make a profit for charity please consider bringing things. It could be an Easter good will gesture to others.
We will be open Saturday as we have been for the last month and we reckon it being Easter we and the market could be busy.
I am hoping for dry weather to get some of the larger items out in front of the town hall.