Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Help needed

A shout for help on Friday afternoon 3 to 5 and Saturday 
morning 10 to 12
Some of our stalwart helpers at the Frip are on holiday and although I will try to go and help, I am never sure if Malc will need me.
So if you have a couple of hours free to help now is the time to offer.
It is a really good feel factor morning with the stall holders in Varen market telling us how happy they are that we are there bringing people to Varen.
Contact me if more info needed or to tell me you can be there one of the days to help.
Our association Mains Tendues82 has just given a donation of 500 euros to “Et puis d’ailleurs” another 500 euros to Parisot refugees and we will be making yet another donation to the local junior school of 500 euros.
Leaving us still with 3,000 euros in the bank for other local good causes.
YOU could be part of this, come along and have some fun, donate things to sell and see others less fortunate benefit.