Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Toulouse street artist at work

100taur is internationally known as a street artist and we have featured his work before on Taglines. Having studied at the Toulouse school of Beaux-Arts, 100taur decided to devote himself to outdoor painting, mainly on public buildings. But he is not simply a "taggeur" randomly defacing public property, but a considered designer, where every element has been planned on his computer before being executed.
mural in progress: pic F.Valery France3
He is currently engaged on a mural of 60 metres x 6 metres of the wall of a boulodrome in Minimes, Toulouse. Estimated to take until the end of the month, the work will feature his trademark love of animals and sea creatures, both real and imaginary, together with references to other artists he admires. As the work progresses he is subject to many inquiring passers-by, curious to discuss the work.