Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Inondations at Varen

Memories of 16 years ago.
We had not long arrived here when the river Aveyron in Varen flooded. Flooded so badly that the river was half way up the walls of the Moulin de Varen. The then owners Nathalie and Bouzo had to be helicoptered out to safety and it made the TV news. It was always a joke that Nathalie could not go till she had on her fur coat and had put on her lipstick and she was winched up to the helicopter waving regally to the watching crowd.
Further along the river the bungalows along the bank were flooded so seriously that they too had to be evacuated by the pompiers. We had a lady friend who was furious, not realising how quickly the waters would rise, when she refused to leave, she was thrown over the shoulder of a pompier shouting all the while, but I have not got my handbag. 
We ladies know how important this is.
A couple of years after there were serious floods but in truth in the last few years the river has "inundated the road" but nothing more severe.
Photos today from Bruno Bengamra