Thursday, 11 January 2018

Nous sommes le jeudi onze janvier

Saturday, January 13 at 21h In the village hall of Montricoux, the Festival Committee offers a theatre evening with the troupe "The Firefly" who present their  show "Tonight is the general ..." a burlesque creation around the last rehearsal before D-Day. Highly coloured characters, characters that clash, truths that are revealed little by little. Misunderstandings in misunderstandings, the actors are unleashed so that everything is in focus the next day but what does their director do? How to pass the time while waiting for it? To you to discover it ... An original show that does not lack spice ....

Not to be missed !

With: Delphine Virel, Floriane Lèbre, Isabelle Brabant, Francois Mercier, Patrick Ozil.

Directed by Marie-France Ménac.

Any resemblance to real or living people would be purely fortuitous ... or not !!! (single price 6 €)