Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Top French chef dies

Pic: Francois Guillot/AFP
Joel Robuchon was one of the most influential chefs of French cuisine in the last 40 years. He died on Monday (6th August) aged 73 having suffered from cancer.
Robuchon was a very early "celebrity chef" with many TV and radio programmes to his name. But he was a serious and innovative chef, opening his own restaurant in 1981 and gaining three Michelin stars over the following three years. The Gault Millau guide called him the chef of the century in 1990 and in 1994 his was designated best restaurant in the world.
In recent years he has opened restaurants in many parts of the world and trained many chefs, some of whom have become starred in their own right. Renowned as a demanding chef de cuisine his legacy is many restaurants of quality, numerous chefs inspired by his pioneering dishes and the recipes themselves (a version of mashed potato being especially famous).