Monday, 19 March 2012

Rescued Mules and Pony

Thank you all so much for your support and good wishes from Jan Lemmy, Liberte des Anes
 We went off yesterday morning to collect these 3 animals and they are now installed in our large open summer barn.  This butchers yard is not a place to visit if you love horses !
We attach a  photo of these three, they are dull coated, a bit confused but kindly souls. The smallest mule has a wound on her lower jaw so we have called in the dentist to see if it comes from within her mouth or is from an external injury.  It is infected so she has been given antibiotics.  We have been offered many temporary homes but nothing permanent as yet, but we feel they need to be brought back to good health here first.  They have no names and no papers so we have now wormed them all, called in the dentist, and the farrier will be visiting soon.  Then they will need a vet visit to vaccinate them and give them their id chips, papers and following that their passport applications, and so it goes on ......
 If you would like to send in ideas for their names maybe we could find some names that suite them.
 If anyone would like to donate to the costs we will incur we would be extremely grateful.  These costs are made up firstly for the worming for the 3, 30 euros, dentist visit 150 euros, farrier visit 75 euros, vet call out fee 35, antibiotics 70 euros,  id chips 105 euros, paperwork to identify them 105 euros, 3 passports 120 euros, already about 700 euros without any costs for their feeding etc !  Our address here is LIBERTE DES ANES, Lavolvene, 82150 Belveze, France  (we have a uk bank account also should you wish to donate to us in pounds!)
PS donkeys need a passport by law