Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Les Frelons Asiatiques

According to the Depeche this morning Montauban is suffering from a proliferation of nests (nids) of asiatic wasps which are quite at home in towns as well as in the country. They can be quite dangerous and as it is the time now when the queen is making her nest, it is the time to be vigilant.
The wasps came over from China in 2004 to Lot And Garonne in a shipment of garden pottery.
There are now many specialist firms who will come and eradicate the nests and their prices should range from 80 to 140 euros depending on the height of the nests. We are warned to beware of swindlers, so the best advice must be ask at your local Mairie for a reputable firm.
Apparently frogs eat the frelons so if you have a pond with frogs you may have the solution!