Saturday, 1 February 2020

Changes afoot

Now you may all have heard about this, it must have been in the Depeche.
The Abbaye of Beaulieu is going to be made an important Museum in France.
Daniel Cadiac, not sure of the spelling of his surname even though he is a friend, was in the frip this morning. He is the leader of a team who for the last few years have organised expos at Beaulieu, absolutely splendid. All that is set to stop and for about a year the site will be closed as extensive works get underway.
It is envisaged to be a huge, well promoted museum expecting thousands of visitors to the area ( I mean thousands )
I felt sorry for Daniel but for others in the area of tourism ,this could be a great opportunity.
The villages close by Verfeil, Varen, Parisot, Caylus could all benefit.
Imagine the potential of easily filling your chambre d’hote and gite. Restaurants nearby must be rubbing their hands.
On that subject there is a restaurant for sale at Verfeil, the nearest village. Anyone with a bit of go could do well there.
These villages need to elect Maires who can see the potential of making their villages tourist villages, parking for motorhomes, villages fleuris, plenty of car parks.
Like it or not, tourist invasion in the summer is on its way.