Monday, 13 January 2020

A meeting for animal lovers in St.Antonin

A meeting open to all local animal lovers, of all ages.

  This project is supported by the association Oasis.

                           Together we can do more!

For everyone who already does a lot of positive action for animal welfare and for those who would like to do more. 

The aim is to share, inform, organise and inspire. And then to put into action whatever is possible. 

You may want to share what you, or your association already does and explain what extra help is needed.

You may want to share projects or ideas.

You may just want to be able to do more.

Place: The meeting is in the Salle Chorale next to the Post Office in Saint Antonin.

Date: Sunday the 19th of January, at 14h00 or again at 15h00 or 16h00. We’ll be there all afternoon. Come when you can or contact Rachel if you can’t come but would like to be informed about actions decided.   05 63 24 07 34

some possibilities would be supporting existing associations, helping/walking abandoned animals, transport share for demonstrations, vegan tasting for the public, interaction in schools, in our villages …. etc