Thursday, 17 May 2018

The school will benefit

Saturday the 26th of May all our profits (and everything we take is profit because of donations)will go to the local Varen village school which has children from Laguepie, Arnac as well as Varen. We are hoping for a consolidated effort with parents and children helping to make it a bumper morning.
I do believe cakes will be on sale... yummy cakes.
The Varen frip is doing really well and it is satisfying when so many market stallholders come and tell us how much busier the market is being since we have been in the old town hall.
We are open of course this coming Friday 15h to 17h to take in donations and  Saturday 10 till midi we will be open selling fast and furiously.
It may only be 2 hours but we are busy. If you want to come and join the team you will be welcome, “ extra hands make light work”
And you will be pleased to hear that we have all lights working in both houses now.